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Empower Your Workouts

1Hera workouts are made to fit any goals you have. Every day you’ll have new workouts delivered directly to your phone so you never get bored with fitness again!


Whether you’re wanting to lose weight, gain weight, or maintain your weight, we’ve got you covered. Giving you a new workout every single day, you’ll never feel bored or burnt out again. Variety is key when working out!


No access to the gym? Short on time? No worries! Try one of our quick, effective home workouts. You’ll love the minimal equipment home workouts we have for you.


With everything you need in an easy to navigate dashboard on your phone, you have your entire workout at your fingertips (video demonstrations included!)


You’ll never have to worry about what to eat again. Best of all, you’ll LOVE the variety we give you. Once you add your personal information to our nutrition calculator you’ll receive a meal plan tailor-made to fit your specific needs.


Most fitness programs give you a generic meal plan and pray it works for you. This isn’t the case with 1Hera. You receive a meal plan made to fit your body and your goals.


Never overspend on groceries or run out of food again. Once you complete your meal plan we give you the EXACT budget-friendly grocery list you need to achieve your goals.

Empower Your Nutrition

1Hera has a meal planning system like none other. Our Registered Dietitian oversees each plan and makes sure to include multiple substitutions for foods you don’t like/want to eat.

Empower Your Mind

Let’s be vulnerable here and acknowledge how challenging it is to keep a healthy mind as a woman! Inside 1Hera you’ll find everything you need to improve and maintain your mental health!


Lacking motivation? 1Hera has numerous videos specifically including everything from postpartum depression to everyday life worries. We’re constantly adding more each week!


Confused? Want to learn more? We’ve got you covered with tons of content for you to check out. Plus we add more weekly!


Inside 1Hera no woman is alone! We answer all of your questions and now have over 400 videos for you to watch.

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You may cancel at anytime!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You get access to everything I’ve told you about immediately. This includes all of your workouts, your meal planning system, plus all of the content I have waiting for you.

Yes! We include a meal planning calculator so that you can input your specific weight, age, activity level, and more! Once you receive your calories, your meal plan will be generated with exact portions, recipes, a grocery list, and our substitution list.

1Hera is a website that acts like an app. Most members use their mobile phones to access all demonstrations, workouts, and videos. All you have to do is login and the workouts, meal plans, and content sections load instantly.

Definitely! I’ve included specific programs for mommas of all stages of pregnancy, including post-baby body!

All levels are welcome with 1Hera! If a specific exercise seems too difficult or maybe you aren’t sure you can do it, simply “swap” that exercise for something that fits your level.

There is no catch! I wanted to make 1Hera accessible for ALL women, not just those who could pay a lot of money. That didn’t seem fair to me. Now, anyone can afford 1Hera.

Yes! We have the fastest platform on the internet and ensure speedy load time. Take your phone to the gym or to the park, and workouts will load with service!

You will have a new workout every single day and I am adding new content every single week. If you have a specific question you want to be answered just let me know and I’ll create content around that question!

Of course! Just email After you do that, no further charges will be made the following month.

The 1Hera Guarantee

If you’re worried about whether or not 1Hera is a good fit for you, we want you to feel 100% confident in your decision, so pay close attention.

Once you join and open up your dashboard, take a look around…

If you don’t think the daily workouts, meal plans, and bonus content works for you like it has with thousands of other ladies, let us know, we’ll cancel your payment immediately.

You may cancel at anytime!

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